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Latis provides comprehensive and flexible statistical services for each study phase, from planning phase to the preparation of the final report and scientific papers.
  • Statistical analysis for clinical and epidemiological studies
  • Consulting on planning of the clinical study and the product development plan
  • Drafting of the statistical part of the protocol
  • Sample Size estimation
  • Statistical Analysis Plan
  • Data Quality control during and at the end of studies
  • Interim analysis and adaptive designs
  • Final statistical analysis
  • Statistical report
  • Production of tables, listings and graphs
  • Preparation and/or support in the preparation of material for congress presentations (poster and oral)
  • Writing of statistical methods and results for scientific papers
  • Review of statistical analyses and scientific papers
  • Systematic reviews and metanalysis
  • Questionnaire validation

"Flexible solutions for every phase of the clinical trial"

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